Championship Bid Information & Process

  1. Applications
    1. MUST be formally written
    2. Include host school name and the specific qualifier (send in multiple applications for each qualifier if applying to host multiple qualifiers)
    3. Proposed dates
      1. Primary date is required, backup dates are appreciated as there are multiple Championships to schedule at a time
    4. MUST address the following concerns:
      1. Boats
      2. Type, #, years, evenness of fleet, are the breakdown boats available?
      3. Availability of Safety/Mark Set/Rotation Boats.
        1. Minimum 1 per 6 competitors on the water, in addition to Signal Boat
      4. Venue
        1. Name and Location
        2. Launching
        3. Shelter
        4. Viewing available
        5. Rotation accessibility
        6. Information on body of water
          1. Typical weather and water conditions for proposed dates
          2. Housing
          3. How many teams can be housed?
          4. Who will be housing?
          5. Proximity to site?
      5. RC
        1. Who will be RC
        2. Who will be Protest Committee (Chief Judge/Umpire is REQUIRED upon bid submission)
  2. Submitting the bid
    1. Bid must be submitted to MCSA Conference Commissioner by a date specified by the Commissioner.
    2. Approving bids will take place at the final Fall Board meeting.
      1. Championship hosting will be voted on by the MCSA Executive board during the last fall board meeting
      2. Voting will take into consideration:
        1. The application itself
        2. Information provided
        3. Other teams comments and questions
  1. Runner up hosts will be asked to become alternates for hosting
  2. Host school will be notified the week following the board meeting
  3. Alternate hosts will be asked if they would like to be an alternate
  4. Alternate hosts will be notified 3 weeks prior to the event if they must host
  5. Alternate hosts can refuse to host the event
  6. In this case, original host school must find alternate plans for hosting the championship