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The concept of the Foundation is to support the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association. It began in 2009 and was approved by the Membership of the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association, Inc. at the Annual Meeting of January 2010. At that time the membership voted to use the reserve funds of the MCSA to establish an endowment to be managed by a separate corporation called the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association Foundation.

The new corporation was incorporated in January of 2011 and was granted Federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in December of 2012. The last of the funds were transferred to the Foundation in 2013 and were invested in September of 2013.

The Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation’s purpose is to provide charitable, scientific, or educational support for the MCSA and its member schools.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote area, national, and international amateur sailing, maritime education, and amateur sailing competition in the Midwest including the support of outreach programs, training activities, the provision of sailing equipment and encouragement of nautical activities by the MCSA and its Member Schools.


The Foundation operates by accepting donations and dispensing grants based on the donations and income from investments.


In order for the Foundation to continue its work, it must receive donations. Collegiate sailors in the Midwest are largely self-funded and don’t have the same resources that are provided to teams in other Conferences. This lack of support has worked to produce a competitive disadvantage for MCSA teams. The Foundation’s goal is to provide funding that can be used to improve the ability of MCSA teams to compete in both local and national events. The support of the Foundation by individuals, groups and companies will enable the development of programs, including clinics, which will improve the ability of Midwest teams and their sailors. Please consider donating to the Foundation, your contribution will be greatly appreciated and will have a significant effect on the teams and individuals who make up the MCSA.

How can you help?

Donations may be made in the form of:

  1. Cash – Use the Form below
  2. Stock – Use the Form below
  3. Items – Donations of surplus nautical items
  4. Estate Planning – If you wish to leave a legacy for the Foundation, please consult your tax or estate planner.

While the Foundation does not provide tax or legal advice, we can assist you or your designee in the process of donating to the Foundation.

Questions about giving should be directed to George Griswold at or:

Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association Foundation
8893 Melinda Court
Milan, MI 48160

All contributions to the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association Foundation are tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes to the full extent provided by law and will be acknowledged with a receipt for tax purposes

The Foundation is an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) qualified organization.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted under Sec. 170

of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donation Form

Donations should be sent to: Chairman, Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association Foundation at the address shown above.

First Name__________________
Last Name ___________________________________ Amount____________________
Street Address ________________________________
Email address ________________________________
Telephone ___________________________________
State ___________ Postal Code ________________


The MCSA or individual MCSA Members may apply to the Foundation for Grants. Initially the amount of grants will be limited and related to the amount donated and generated from investment. However, as the amount generated from donations and investment increases, the amount awarded in grants will be increased.

Grant Applications

Each application needs to be submitted on the form below and submitted to the Foundation chairman at

All MCSA Member schools are eligible to submit applications as well as the MCSA Board.

It is important that applications indicate how they support the purpose and mission of the Foundation as stated above.

It is important that the application be filled out fully and that as many details as possible are used to describe the request.

After the activity has been completed. There is a requirement to write and submit a report to the Foundation concerning how the grant was used.

MCSA Foundation GRANT FORM ►